and what to expect

quick facts

  •  $150 individual therapy

  •  $175 couples therapy

  • due to licensing, I only offer therapy services to colorado residents. If you are not in colorado, explorer my life coaching packages

  • Evening hours available

  • i do not work with any insurance companies but will be happy to provide paperwork for out-of-network provider claims

  • HSA/ fsa cards accepted

  • discounted scholarship rate available

What to expect:


 Hop on a quick, casual 15/ 20 minute chat on the phone with Ashley. This call is dual purpose, to ensure that I am confident I can help you reach your goals in therapy and for YOU to decide if I am the right fit for you. This is our chance to get know one another, Bring all your questions!

City Park West Office in Denver, CO


 Once we decide to schedule our first session, I will send you a link to a HIPPA compliant patient portal. From this portal you can schedule sessions, set up a payment method and fill out all of your first visit "paperwork" electronically. There will be plenty of consent forms, and questionnaires for me to get to know you better. If you have questions, no worries, we will go over them in our first session together.


 It's game time! Your first session can be tele-health or in person. If we are meeting remotely you will receive a link to your email and/or a text message. This is your link to our HIPPA compliant, secure virtual session.  Just log in at our scheduled time! If we are meeting in the office, come on in the front door and make yourself cozy in our lobby. There is tea and water available as well as a restroom down the hall. 

In the first session plan on being asked a bunch of questions. This is my first chance to get to know you in depth and I may ask about a variety of topics. Feel free to respond within your comfort level. We will also chat about your goals for therapy and logistics about our therapy schedule!