Social Media Cleanse Week 7: Presence through Absence

“There is nothing that you will miss that is more important then what is happening right in front of you… Log off, Unplug… Go live your life this week, like really LIVE” {Social Media Cleanse Week 7}

Social Media Cleanse Week 5: Clean up the Negativity

Sensitive souls draw in the negativity of others because they are so open” – John Gray How to Get What You Want & Want What You Have

Week 5 of our Social Media Cleanse is an easy one. Clean up shop. I strongly believe that we are all those “sensitive souls” that John Gray writes about. We absorb EVERYTHING. Intentionally or not. We want to be open to the world, so let’s get rid of the negativity we surround ourselves within our daily lives.

Social Media Cleanse Week 3: Why so Lonely?

Things get weird, just get on Facebook. Sitting in a doctor’s office, check your email. We have the ultimate, socially acceptable cop out for uncomfortable social situations. Well, maybe we are missing some quality connection.