One Year Down.. 10 things about motherhood.

Guys, my baby just celebrated her first birthday. I also just celebrated my first Mother’s Day. Last year, my daughter was born promptly the day AFTER Mother’s Day, so I have been waiting to celebrate my first Mother’s Day for a full calendar year now…. So in tribute to the celebrations and milestones, here areContinue reading “One Year Down.. 10 things about motherhood.”

Is listening the ultimate healer?

“It is really easy to simply categorize terrorists, criminals, addicts… the worst of the worst as “bad guys”. It is easier to not care when people are “bad guys”, not fathers, mothers, sons, daughters who have experienced overwhelming trials.”

Social Media Cleanse Week 3: Why so Lonely?

Things get weird, just get on Facebook. Sitting in a doctor’s office, check your email. We have the ultimate, socially acceptable cop out for uncomfortable social situations. Well, maybe we are missing some quality connection.

In the Company of Women: Calling All Artists

One of my goals of this wellness blog is to provide my readers with not only engaging thought provoking content, but visually inspiring images. (I am constantly in a battle of art versus science… and this is my inner artist demanding to not be ignored.)