Private Yoga Instruction



I am a 200 HR Registered Yoga instructor and I have been teaching yoga in studios, corporate settings, colleges, and clinical settings since 2012. I am passionate about the benefits of yoga to your physical and mental wellness. Whether you have years of experience, or simply want to see what all this “yoga buzz” is about, I meet each client where they are in their yoga journey.

You will set personal goals (physical and mental) and we will work together to achieve success. My experience as a mental health counselor has allowed me to approach yoga from a therapeutic and professional perspective. I have worked with individuals recovering from physical trauma, addiction, and severe anxiety that may prevent them from being comfortable in a traditional studio or yoga class setting.

I am currently not accepting new clients as I prepare for an upcoming maternity leave. Please join the mailing list as I plan on offering free community events once I return!

If you are interested in booking, or simply have questions, feel free to leave your name, email, and number below and I will be in contact with you soon!