Postpartum Check-Ins


I am proud to offer complimentary postpartum check in calls for any mother in the postpartum season.  Perhaps you have questions about depression symptoms and want to discuss the difference between “baby blues” and postpartum depression. Maybe you just need to vent about your husband’s uncanny ability to sleep through the baby crying.

This was a service I developed because it was a service I wish I had. Postpartum can be incredibly isolating and lonely. Give me a call for your complementary check-in!

Postpartum Therapy:

In order to make therapy more realistic and practical for mothers, know that babies are always welcome in session. I also offer online therapy sessions to postpartum mothers, because we all understand the simple challenges of getting out of the house some days.

Ask about postpartum packages for therapy sessions for discounted rates.

To schedule your call: email me @