Ashley Rodrigues Colorado Womens therapist

Have some Q’s?

What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Mentorship?

Psychotherapy is available to Colorado residents only. This is a traditional form of support that can potentially include mental health diagnosis, medication referrals, and qualifies for insurance reimbursement. Mentorship provides the same ethical and evidence based support as psychotherapy but utilizes Voxer for more continuous support. Mentorship is considered coaching and does not fall under Ashley’s Colorado licensure.

Are the mentorship packages a month by month commitment?

Yes! This is intentional by design. At the end of every month we will assess your progress toward your goals and you have the freedom to switch from different package options from month to month.

Why is psychotherapy cheaper?

Spoiler – It’s not! With multiple days of voxer access to Ashley, we have the potential to spend significant time in the app in deep conversation which may actually exceed what you would receive in a traditional psychotherapy session. The Empowerment Mentorship is $350 for a total of 9 day a week of connection in a month. 4 weekly sessions in a month would total $560 +

What is Voxer?

Voxer is a completely free walkie talkie style app that allows us to have conversations in our own time. You can catch me up on your way to work, and then listen to my feedback on your lunch break. It is on going, accessible support

How can I stay up to date on your workshops, groups, and programs?

You can join my email list or follow me on social media! I am always offering new innovative programs to serve you

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