Social Media Cleanse Week 2: Protect What is Sacred

This week your challenge is going to be two sided. The first half of your challenge is to redefine what you are willing to share on social media. The second half of your challenge is to decide who you want to see it. Sounds simple enough right?

Social Media Cleanse Week 1: Observation & Patience

For all my “do-er” personality types out there, anxiously ready to delete your Facebook account and dive into your cleanse head first. Hats off to your enthusiasm, but I am sadly about to disappoint. Your first challenge for the week is to essentially… Change Nothing. Just Observe.

3 Meditation Tips for Real Life & Real People

The truth of the matter is:

no one can achieve this idillic vision of mediation, not even your super crunchy, crystal wearing yoga instructor.

Let’s get real, honest, and realistic.

Here are 3 ways to begin incorporating the benefits of meditation into your un-perfect, busy, chaotic, beautiful life.