One Year Down.. 10 things about motherhood.

Guys, my baby just celebrated her first birthday. I also just celebrated my first Mother’s Day. Last year, my daughter was born promptly the day AFTER Mother’s Day, so I have been waiting to celebrate my first Mother’s Day for a full calendar year now….

So in tribute to the celebrations and milestones, here are 10 things I’ve learned about motherhood so far.

  1. You really do get superpowers, magically. It is as if all the women who have mothered before you take you into some other reality.. where you are no longer awkward holding your baby, poop doesn’t bother you, and you can function (decently) well on little sleep.
  2. You start to care more about the world you live in. Now it is not just about your future… It is about your baby’s future and wait, if they have a baby… it’s about their future too. Preserving where we live so it lasts takes on a whole new perspective when your have another generation to take care of.
  3. Your television package is useless. Just cancel it. Save the money.  Watching your baby do the most mundane things is much more entertaining.
  4. Shower Coffee.. My shower has always been my happy place, and I don’t really have time to ever finish my morning coffee so I developed a way to drink it in the shower. Don’t judge, and yes, I keep the cup on the side of the tub behind the shower curtain liner.
  5. Bed Beer.. It is the nighttime variation to shower coffee. After dinner, when you didn’t get to sit back, relax and finish your beer with your hubby because you had to do the whole baby nighttime routine… You can finish it in bed. Just don’t forget to clean off your night stand in the morning.
  6. I’m sorry for judging the Target moms. I used to judge the moms in their yoga pants at Target at noon on a Tuesday. Sighhhhh…..What a easy life right? I didn’t realize the yoga pants are mandatory because you had 2 minutes to change. I didn’t realize it took 1 hour,2 changes of clothes, bag of snacks, pacifier, and diaper bag to arrive at Target with a tiny person and I definitely didn’t realize that those moms are desperately trying to hold their pee… because trying to pee with a baby… in a public bathroom is the WORST. (I’m sorry moms. Really sorry.)
  7. You go through an identity crisis. Being a mom has completely sent me into an identity crisis. I’m the same person, but not the same person. I can’t rely on my “resume” for a source of pride anymore… I do laundry and mastered the art of baby talk. My daughter doesn’t really care that I have a Masters degree. This topic is important enough for an entirely different blog post, but I don’t feel nearly as confident in writing about it. Mostly because I still have no idea what I’m doing.
  8. I am completely in awe of what my body has done. Grow a baby, Deliver a baby ( in our two bedroom apartment), Feed a baby, Constantly protect a baby. How is this even remotely possible? Women are badasses. To this day my mind is still blown.
  9. It is hard to ask for help… mostly because I don’t really know what needs to be done. I am still working on this one, but sometimes I think my husband spends more time taking care of me then the baby. I know I need a shower and the dishes need to be done, but I have to idea why this baby is crying. (Also God bless husbands everywhere, but especially mine)
  10. Your daily life becomes more difficult with a baby. You may argue with your husband more, you may find yourself dealing with more frustrations, but overall the quality of your life just EXPLODES. That deep joy that people search for their entire lives? Yeah, you get to experience it at breakfast when you watch the two greatest loves of your life dance to Bob Marley. You get to experience it before nap time when that little person clings to your chest and rests her head on your shoulder. I constantly worry my heart will explode.

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