Social Media Cleanse Week 7: Presence through Absence

And just like that we have made it all the way to our last week of the social media cleanse!

You have done all the work, taken all the steps and now it is time to finish this thing with the ultimate cleanse. Deleting your social media apps for the week.

We will fast from Social Media entirely this week.

Try not to think of this as a Challenge per se, think of it as a break.

Physically our bodies actually benefit from periods of fasting from food. It gives our digestive system, and organs a break. Your mind can benefit from a fast as well.

This is your vacation away from the on going world of social media. Log Off. Unplug.

There is nothing that you will miss that is more important then what is happening right in front of you in your daily life.

Enjoy the people around you. Go out with your friends without that nagging thought of “I need to post a something on Instagram!”

If it doesn’t get posted on social media does it really happen?

Yes, it happens. Life’s most incredible moments aren’t posted on social media. Which is why your Instagram doesn’t define your life.

Go live your life this week. Like really LIVE.

Be Present.


The featured art this week is a sculpture titled “Presence through Absence” by John Joyce of the UK which inspired the title of this blog post.




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