Social Media Cleanse Week 6: Fill up with Happy

Happy Week 6 Everyone! This week’s challenge is my favorite.

Now that you have been busy deleting, hiding, and removing all the negativity from your social media world, we get to fill it again.

With goodness.

If you want social media to become a positive place, you have to make the effort to create a positive environment.

The good news is you’ve completed the hard part. Take a break this week and explore the world of social media.

Your challenge this week is simple and FUN.

Find new accounts to follow that will bring you joy and inspiration.

If we are going to spend time daily online, we might as well make it work for us, right?

Search for your favorite authors, inspirational leaders, organizations, world leaders, artists, photographers, basically … anything that you love. Sign Up. Follow. Enjoy.

Here are some awesome accounts to follow if you need help getting started:

Did you know the Pope has a Twitter Page?

Deepak Chopra on Facebook

The Man with the Greatest Job on Earth- Anthony Bourdain

The Art of Wellbeing’s Twitter Feed

Kansas Citians — Support your local professionals!———————————————-

Here are some of my favorite local Instagram accounts. Enjoy!

Amanda Watters – Local blogger who has a beautiful Instagram and if you love books and music.. she is a must add with her beautiful playlists and bookclub!

Lance Flores is a local artist. If you love design and visually stunning images. He’s your guy.

Anna Petrow -Calling all Foodies and travel junkies! Anna’s instagram will remind you why you need to use all of your vacation days.


Dive on in guys and have fun this week! I am always looking for new accounts to follow and I am sure my list doesn’t even scratch the surface. Leave a comment and share your favorite accounts.  Let’s add to our list!





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