Save All the Plants: Benefits of House Plants

We have a bit of a problem in our house.

We are those people who cannot go shopping without “saving” a new house plant. I use the term saved loosely, as these plants didn’t really need to be rescued from anything.

We just wanted an excuse to buy them.

It is our guilty pleasure, and honestly this blog is just my attempt to justify it.  Sometimes I really worry that my house is turning into a scene from Jumanji.

So here we go, my scientific proof that it is okay for us to keep buying house plants

Wellness Benefits of House Plants:

  1. They are natural humidifiers- The Agricultural University of Norway did a study that showed that plants release 97% of the water that they take in. Indoor plants can prevent dry skin, dry cough, or even help prevent colds or other winter illnesses.

  2. They purify the air- NASA (yes. NASA) has research that shows that plants rid the air of 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).What are VOCs? Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Tricholoroethylene are common in your house. They are found in rugs, vinyl, grocery bags, rugs, inks, solvents, or any man made fibers. ICK!

  3. They make you happy- By happy I mean, they greatly improve you overall wellness. Think less anxiety, less stress, lower blood pressure, and even improved concentration! Kansas State University found that hospital patients in rooms with plants actually recovered more quickly and reported less severe anxiety and pain. The Royal College of Agriculture even found that classrooms with plants in them had better concentration from students and a higher attendance rate.


If you are reading this and thinking… “This is great Ashley, but there is NO way I can keep a plant alive..” Give it a try! I am notorious in our home for forgetting to water, then overwatering. It is a vicious cycle and somehow we still have living plants.

The key is to finding the best plant for you. Now that spring has sprung, plant some fresh herbs for your cooking!

If you are looking for some resources to find your plant soul mate, try these websites:

Better Homes and Gardens- Guide to Houseplants

Guide to Houseplants

Room by Room Guide to Houseplants

Happy Planting!


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