Social Media Cleanse Week 3: Why so Lonely?

I’m jumping the gun and posting Week 3 a night early!

It is amazing how productive I am when the baby is actually asleep.

Now that you have trimmed down your friend list and defined what you want to share with others, I hope you feel a sense of accomplishment, and comfort with your new found privacy. Now onward to the next challenge!

This week’s challenge is tackling the topic of:

Virtual Connection vs. Actual Human Connection.

Did you know that the more people who use social media, the more isolated they report feeling?

Social media was a tool designed to bring us closer together. Where did we take a wrong turn that it is now contributing to feelings of loneliness?

…some say we don’t let ourselves “sweat” through awkward social interactions anymore. Things get weird, just get on Facebook. Sitting in a doctor’s office, check your email. We have the ultimate, socially acceptable cop out for uncomfortable social situations. Well, maybe we are missing some quality connection.

…some say we have created these perfect “fantasy lives” on social media. It is natural to look at everyone’s “perfect life” online and feel like you are alone in the real world. Going through everyone’s party pictures just remind you that you weren’t invited to a party…

Let’s reclaim community

Your challenge this week is two fold:

  1. Avoid your phone when you are in the presence of other people. Waiting rooms, at the bank, at home with your family… they all count as being “with people”. If you can see another human being, don’t get on Facebook.

Put it down. Talk to someone. Make eye contact. Smile.

Sure, smiling at the person behind you at the grocery store seems insignificant, but it adds to a feeling of connection to the people around you. You may even find yourself in a conversation!

The second half of your challenge involves using social media as a tool for actual human connection.

Let’s reclaim social media

2. As you are on social media this week, reach out to someone on Facebook that you haven’t seen in a while. Go get coffee. Give them a call. 

Your friends are more then just “likes” and perfectly lit sunset photos. You may just be reminded that they are real people, just like you. Support one another. Remind yourself of your circle of friends.

If you end up with a particularly interesting experience this week, maybe a touching interaction with a stranger at the grocery store? Share it below. It may be just the inspiration the rest of us need to get through this crazy week!


Our featured artist for this post by an inspiring and beautiful photographer, Laura Rowe of Columbia, Missouri. Check out more of her stunning images at Laura Rowe Photo & Design





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