In the Company of Women: Calling All Artists

Calling all Female Photographers, Designers, Musicians, Artists, Writers, Choreographers, Artisans!

I am on a crazy mission to marry science and art, and I need you. 

See, I started reading this book titled “In the Company of Women” by Grace Bonney to my 10 month old at nap time…

Sure it is a little advanced for her baby brain right now, but it was honestly the only way I was going to get to read through it myself.

Grace Bonney beautifully captures what drives, inspires, and challenges female artists and entrepreneurs. Honestly it was this book that gave me the nudge to push away my insecurities and press the “publish” button on this blog.

One of my goals of this wellness blog is to provide my readers with not only engaging thought provoking content, but visually inspiring images. (I am constantly in a battle of art versus science… and this is my inner artist demanding to not be ignored.)

If you are a female artist trying to get your art out to the world, or you want to support this wellness dream of mine. Email me. 

I want to feature your art on my social media accounts and along side the content of my blog. I want to shamelessly plug your work and send you love and support.

If you are not an artist, enjoy. Be encouraged to support these women with your words, your dollars, and share their work with the world. Let’s build a community that supports one another.


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